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Relax. We're on top of it

You can rest easy under a Gerard roof. We work hard to ensure we develop the best products and service to help you achieve your goals. See how Gerard can be beneficial for you.

Gerard Benefits



The innovative design of the panels, high strength-to-weight ratio and unique fixing system make a Gerard roof safe and secure against almost anything nature serves up.


While a heavyweight concrete tile roof on an average home can weigh around 10 tonnes, an equivalent Gerard smooth finish steel panel roof would weigh just one tonne.

Fire testing where we received a "Class A" fire rating (highest possible)


Gerard roof panels are securely interlocked together eliminating gaps where flying embers enter. They are considered among the most fire-safe roofs available, and are approved for use in Australia’s highest bush fire zone (BAL–FZ).

BAL-FZ Certification


Gerard Roofs’ steel panel roofing system has been proven to withstand wind loadings of more than 7.59kPa, which is equivalent to a wind speed of 350kph (stronger than the wind force at the centre of a Category 3 tropical cyclone*).

*Testing conducted by James Cook University, Townsville, Australia

Gerard Roofs Cyclone Test


Unlike many slate, clay and concrete tile roofs, Gerard‘s survived hail stones the size of cricket balls that pelted Sydney in 1999. Being steel, it’s not surprising that Gerard roofs enjoy the highest possible rating for impact resistance.

Great weather performance

Gerard roofs have been designed to keep your home dry, come what may. They are warranted to perform for up to years, and unlike traditional concrete or clay tiles, a Gerard pressed steel panel won’t crack and let water through.


Our textured finishes are made up of stone that resists fading and discolouration. The smooth finishes have special lightfast pigments and a paint coating twice as thick as that on most corrugated metal roofing


Gerard roofs are impervious to snow, frost or ice. The panels have a high strength-to-weight ratio to withstand heavy snow loadings. While other roofs can allow snow to be blown inside. Gerard roofs are securely interlocked together, removing the risk of snow entering the roof space.


Invented down under, exported all over.

It was the first steel roofing tile in the world – invented in New Zealand in 1957. Light-weight, durable and quick to install, Lou Fisher’s innovative roof system would soon become known as Gerard Roofs… and an international success story.


Particularly resilient, even in extreme climate and weather conditions, the product quickly drew the attention of customers overseas. Demand soared, and the company grew to operate plants on three continents. Gerard’s pressed steel roofing is now used in over 127 countries around the world, from Argentina to Zambia.


These days, after over half a century of global operations, Gerard Roofs is owned by IKO, a global leader in the roofing industry. IKO shares the same ideals that we have upheld for decades – ideals of ongoing innovation and relentless attention to quality products and service. Ideals that will ensure Gerard’s success for many more decades to come.