Clean lines define the unrivalled elegance of Calibre.  This new Gerard profile will elevate the appearance of any contemporary home.  Crafted out of the highest quality zinc-aluminium alloy coated steel, each panel is designed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.  And with its concealed fastening technology, Calibre’s modern, streamlined look will help you realise your architectural vision.

  • Higher Quality

    A core layer of .55 steel, coated with corrosion resistant layers of zinc-aluminium alloy, makes Calibre panels stronger and more resistant to physical damage. Strict quality control in the production process and more than 60 years of global experience mean customers can have complete confidence in their roof.

  • Superior Design

    With no back-flashing needed for roof penetrations, you can enjoy uninterrupted clean lines across the entire roof. There’s also a huge range of matching accessories, as elegant and refined as the roof panels, to fully complete the Calibre look.

  • Light and Easy

    Significantly easier to manage when compared to sheets of long run, particularly in windy conditions. The average Calibre roof can be delivered to site on just one or two pallets. Perfect for transport to remote or difficult to access sites and less impact on the environment.

  • Concealed Fastening

    The ultimate in weather performance and style. Fasteners are completely concealed and protected from the elements, for a sleeker, more streamlined appearance.

Protected with Concealed Fastening

Our innovative Concealed Fastening (CF) technology means that every tile is hooked into the next tile and the fasteners are completing concealed and protected from the elements, leading to a streamlined appearance.

Product Specifications

Overall Length 1343mm

Length of Cover1250mm

Width of Cover 252mm

Roof Cover / Panel 0.32m²

Panels / m² 3.12m²

Weight / Panel 2.1kg

Weight / m² 6.5kg

Minimum Roof Pitch 10°


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