CF Shake

Rustic charm of traditional shake with "Concealed Fastening" technology


  • Charcoal Blend
  • Barkwood
  • Weathered Wood

*Colours are as close to the actual products as possible. There may be slight variations due to screen settings.

Product Specifications

Overall Length
1335 mm
Length of cover
1260 mm
Width of cover
370 mm
Roof cover /Tile
0.46 m
Tiles /m2
Weight /Tile
3.5 kg
Weight /m2
7.5 kg
Minimum roof pitch
15 degrees

Technical documents

  • CF Shake Product Technical Statement (PTS)
    • pdf
  • CF Shake Product Specific Installation Details
    • pdf
  • CF Shake batten layout
    • pdf
  • CF Shake - Change of Pitch Detail - Battens
  • CF Shake - Valley Detail - Battens
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