Tamahere Transformation with CF Shake

Date: 03 Mar 2022

This blog follows a full Asphalt Shingle replacement job we completed with our CF Shake profile in Tamahere in 2020.

In the process of replacing asphalt shingle with CF Shake - ensuring the home is weather tight at any given time.
The house partially re-roofed

Late in 2020 Gerard were contacted by Brian, a local builder for over 45 years in Tamahere to discuss re-roofing options for his home. When he had purchased the house, “it was only 5 years old and while it had shown a few little signs that there could’ve been some leaking in the roof. Over the years it became clear that they couldn’t repair the roof and that it was going to need a major re-roof.” This was obvious to us from the soft and brittle plywood in places as well as cracks in the Asphalt Shingles.

After showing our options to Brian he was interested in our Concealed Fastening (CF) profiles, CF Shake, CF Shingle and CF Slate as they provide a seamless look while completely shielding the fasteners from the elements. Another benefit is they can be installed on plywood and even over existing Asphalt Shingle roofs, with new underlay run in between. Once CF Shake was chosen, it was decided that the best course of action was to completely strip the old roof and underlay off to see the full extent of the damage to the substrate, which showed severe damage not only the plywood but also some trusses.

This was a massive job to carry out, but one that Brian said was very pleasant. “I was living in the house while all the activities were undertaken, the group was really good to deal with and they cleaned up all their mess which was most essential when you’re doing a re-roof. They were very accommodating. At no stage did we feel vulnerable, even though that our house was temporarily without a roof in places they had tarp covers and back up plans so to do a re-roof it was all in order.”

We are proud to give this dream home the roof that it deserves and are delighted that Brian not only loves the finished look but also the product he said “seeing the detail that Gerard have gone to and putting it to use, it was really great to work with and we feel really satisfied that we’ve got a really great product.” He can now relax and enjoy the home knowing that the roof that will last for years to come along with the added reassurance of a BRANZ appraisal and extensive warranty.

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