CF Shake, Charcoal Blend, New Build, New Roof, Architecturally Designed, Pool CF Shake, Charcoal Blend, New Build, New Roof, Architecturally Designed, Pool

Building? Here is why you need a Gerard roof.

When it comes to your roof, you want quality. Quality in design and performance. A roof that will complete the look of your home and keep you protected from the elements. That's why you can't look past Gerard.

When you are building your dream home, one of the most important decisions will be your roof. Luckily Gerard can help make that decision a little easier for you.

New Build

Get your roof on faster

The roof is a major milestone in any build as it allows the rest of the build to progress. With Gerard, your roof can be ordered off the plans, ensuring it's on site and ready to go. Other materials require onsite measurements and materials to be ordered, leading to costly delays. Gerard roofs can also be installed in a wider range of weather conditions, ensuring your build stays on track.

  • Save money and stay safer

    With less weight above you in an earthquake or fire there is less pressure on the structure keeping your roof up. Not only do you save on structural costs, but a Gerard roof keeps you safe.

  • Good for you. Good for the environment

    Gerard was the first roofing manufacturer in New Zealand to attain ISO 14001 certification and steel is an infinitely recyclable resource. So the roof you put on today will continue to be utilised for generations to come.

  • Highest possible impact resistance rating

    Gerard roofs are engineered to the highest standards to resist the impact of hail and have received the highest possible impact resistance rating.

  • Lightweight

    Gerard roofs are both lightweight and easy to install. One of our roofs can weigh up to 10 x less than a concrete roof.

  • Best in class fire rating

    Gerard's roof panels are securely interlocked so embers can't find their way into your roof space, making them amongst the most fire-safe roofs available. They're even approved for Australia's highest bush fire zone (BAL-FZ)

  • Great in the cold

    Impervious to snow, frost or ice. Their strength-to-weight ratio means with proper design, they can easily withstand heavy snow loadings.

  • Stand up to the harsh NZ sun

    Our textured and smooth profiles have been engineered to stand up the New Zealand's harsh UV light to ensure the coating of your roof stands the test of time.

We are here to help.

Do you have questions about your build or about which is the right roof for you? Get in touch and one of our friendly team will help you with your decision.

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