Accessories perfectly matched to your tiles to make a complete roofing system. Including Roof Trims, Vents & Solar Brackets

Roof Trims

Roof trims are an important part of your roof, both for weather-performance and appearance. We make four types of trim, which are fully compatible with our range of steel panels.


Gerard vents are finished with the same coatings as your roof, so they'll match it perfectly. Plus they can be installed by the roofer - no need for a plumber to be working up top.

  • Gerard Free Flow Port A low-profile port designed for extraction systems from kitchen, bathrooms and laundries. And with a large free vent area, it's also ideal for airflow and heat circulation in roof cavities
  • Gerard Sanitary Port Primarily intended to vent sewage systems, this port can also be used for general air/moisture extraction from kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

Solar Brackets 

  • Gerard Solar Bracket Our solar brackets secure all kinds of solar panels and rails to a Gerard roof without penetrating the roof, thereby avoiding the potential for leaks. Ideally installed at the same time as the roof, they can also sometimes be retrofitted - ask us for more info about this