Wherever your home is in New Zealand, and whatever the environment, Gerard Thermacore™ provides outstanding insulation for pitched roofs. Because it sits above the rafters, this solid thermal barrier moves the dew point outside the building structure – creating a drier, healthier home.

Thermacore - the warm roof solution.

What makes Thermacore perform so well?

  • Insulation outside the building structure creates a warm roof system
  • Blocks thermal leakage and removes a major source of condensation
  • Strong and rigid sheets, with no shrinkage or settling over time
  • Manufactured and proven to perform throughout Europe

Ideal for new and existing builds

It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting your build from scratch, or reroofing an existing home. Gerard Thermacore™ works with any Gerard roof panel you choose, and both can be installed at the same time by a Gerard Distributor.

With a range of thicknesses and thermal values available, Gerard Thermacore™ has options that far exceed New Zealand building code requirements, should you wish.

Thickness mm R-Value
50 2.27
60 2.73
70 3.18
80 3.64
90 4.05
100 4.55
110 5.00
120 5.45
140 6.36
150 6.82
160 7.27
180 8.18
200 9.09

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